Computers have changed a lot over the last few decades. Advancements in technology have seen them go from big, bulky things that take up a whole room, to small portable tablets, more powerful than the space shuttle that put man on the moon, that can fit snugly on your lap. With computers evolving so rapidly, what has also changed is the ways in which they can protect business’ data from potential information security threats.

For example, whilst a simple six digit password may have once been sufficient to protect your confidential business data from cyber threats, with hackers now having access to technology that allows them to randomly enter digits until it identifies a match, password security has now been upgraded to often include random digit generators that change at regular intervals, thus putting the highest safeguarding standards on your confidential business data. So, while potential information security breaches have been evolving over the years, so too have the protection methods to ensure that your business’ confidential information is secured in the safest manner possible.

However, simply getting a handle on how business information security is evolving can seem like a time-consuming task, requiring you to constantly research technological developments and adapt your business practices to be in line with them. That is why the implementation of a business Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be beneficial to your operations, by providing it with a clear, up-to-date framework that business’ can work with to design an information security management system specific to their requirements, which is up-to-date with technological developments. It can thoroughly analyse the current information systems in place at the business, to assess what is and is not effective, and what could be streamlined for efficiency.

Specifically, ISO 27001:2013 works at providing your business with a demonstrably successful framework of information security standards and practices, so your business can ascertain the weak spots within its information security. For example, a business may employ a non-secure work method, such as providing employees with non-password protected take home laptops containing confidential data. ISO 27001 discusses alternative strategies that staff can utilise to produce the same work-related output, but ensures that they are conducted in a safer, more secure manner. This in turn works at raising morale, upholding the business’ reputation, and ensuring it stays a market leader within the industry.

Evolution means survival of the fittest… so ensure that your business is the fittest.

It is often said that business’ are evolving to be more efficient, effective and secure. Evolution is a term describing how things that adapt to their environment and learn to utilise it to their advantage have an edge that others do not. So, it is important to identify how the business information security landscape is changing and change your business practice in accordance with it. Anitech’s ISO 27001 consultants have a thorough understanding of the evolving information security market, and the steps business’ can take to help them to thrive within this environment, as opposed to getting damaged by it. If you think your business could benefit from some first-hand guidance about how you can tailor its information security systems to its advantage, give them a call on 1300 802 163. A strong information security system within your business means strong dealing with clients, staff, and customers, which fosters an innovative business environment… a better one.

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Business Information Security prepares you for the future.