A strong Information Security Management System helps your business stand out from the pack.

There are a number of ways to reassure staff, clients, and customers that your business is safe to deal with, and that it stores their confidential information in a safe, secure manner. To begin with, your company could work at identifying the legal and regulatory information security requirements for business’, and then take the necessary steps at achieving industry compliance. However, while doing this demonstrates a commitment to the necessary minimum standards of information security, for business’ that really want an edge when it comes to reassuring potential customers of their strong information security practices, it is a good idea to go above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements. Doing so demonstrates a commitment to the highest information security standards, and sets your business apart from the pack.

It was reported in the media this week that new cyber-security laws, aimed at protecting business’ from data breaches, may not be taking the full steps required to protect their business assets, as Joseph Failla, Accenture’s Australian security expert, said that business’ meeting industry compliant cyber-security standards was “necessary but not sufficient to protect our national security.” Failla went on to explain how meeting industry information security compliance was simply the bare minimum a business should be doing to protect its information assets, claiming “if an organisation only takes action to the extent required by regulation that is like taking out health insurance but never going to the doctor.”

However, Failla noted that there was some positive news to stem from this, stating that it brings a degree of awareness to companies about the importance of strong information security, and gives them the opportunity to take some proactive measures to protect their data from a range of information security threats, stating “the government has been raising awareness of a very significant issue, highlighting the need for investment and focus.”

The message could not be any clearer: simply meeting the minimum cyber-security industry requirements is not sufficient for business’ to protect their data from a myriad of potential breaches, and reassure the public that they have an effective system in place for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information assets. To adequately safeguard their information security assets, it is advisable for business’ to above and beyond what is required of them, to ensure that not only are there information assets safe, but their existing information security systems are undergoing routine checks for potential weak points and faults, so that all potential threats are warded off at the first possible instance. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the information security systems of a business are truly second-to-none, reassures people dealing with the company that their confidential data will be protected in a strong, secure manner, and that the business recognises that maintaining strong information security is an ongoing process that requires regular fault-checks and maintenance to ensure that the organisations data is as secure as the peace of mind you are offering customers.

An Information Security standard to help companies uphold their standards

The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 27001 Information Security Standards provides business’ with a proactive, internationally certified, all-in-one approach to maintaining strong information security, through the implementation of an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). These standards achieve their goal of helping organisations go the extra mile when it comes to maintaining strong information security, by adopting a proactive approach to upholding the information assets of the business, through the implementation of a risk management and risk solution approach. The implementation of this sees your organisation:

  • Understand the necessity of strong information security risk management, and how this is the cornerstone of an effective ISMS, and that through an efficient risk management approach, business’ will stand to gain from the implementation of an ISMS.
  • Identify the full scope of potential information security threats, and take active steps to secure against them, and mitigate their potential effects on operations. An ISMS operates on the principle that knowledge is strength. By gaining the full knowledge of the scope of potential information security threats to your operations, your organisation is able to clearly and methodically implement counter measures to protect itself against them.
  • Develop a systematic approach to dealing with any and all information security threats. This means proactively identifying threats, their potential effects on operations, and what steps should be taken in the event of a potential data breach, to mitigate the harm to operations. This sees your business clearly briefing all staff on potential information security threats, explaining what their own responsibilities are, and outlining a clear chain-of-command for who to report potential issues to. This will significantly reduce downtime to operations, as the moment a potential threat is identified, steps can immediately be undertaken to mitigate its effects on operations, rather than going back and forth between departments with no one even able to explain who is responsible for taking charge of the issue.
  • Create a system for prioritising risks, based on the scope of their potential effects to operations. By developing this system, your business will be able to deal with potential security threats in a systematic way, in which more significant threats are given priority. Doing so ensures that harm to your operations is minimised, as your business is able to distinguish between different kinds of potential information security threats, understand which one poses a bigger risk to operations, and deal with those ones first, ensuring that the most significant threats to operations are swiftly and sufficiently dealt with.

In short, the implementation of a strong ISMS helps your business stand out from its competitors, by working with it to go above and beyond its information security requirements, to ensure that nothing at all threatens the integrity of the business’ data.

If you would like to know how these standards could be tailored to the specific particulars and needs of your operations, then please give Anitech’s consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. They will be able to give you a summary of how these standards could be effectively implemented within your organisation to help strengthen its information security systems, ensure that no one can gain unauthorised access to its data, and uphold the integrity of your information. Doesn’t this sound like a safe and secure proposal?

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